Property Cleanup Services

Yard Cleanup & Hauling

Whether you need something small like removing yard debris or something larger like removing blackberry vines you can count on RR Lawn Care.


Field Mowing & Abatement

Sometimes you put things off to long and then your equipment can’t handle the problem or you know it is just to big of a job. That is a good time to call RR Lawn Care. They have all the equipment needed to thoroughly remove all your overgrown or accumulated yard debris. You can call or text: 541-951-2430

Before & After

You Can Call for a Fall Leaves Cleanup and Removal or Other Yard Debris Tidy-Up

Yard Cleanup Service

Get superior yard cleanup services from RR Lawn Care, serving the Medford Oregon area.


Blackberry Removal

Those blackberries sure taste good, but when the yard starts to shrink because they have taken over, It is time to give us a call.

You can trust RR Lawn Care to professionally remove black berry bushes and other overgrown vegetation that is unruly or unsightly.


Pruning & Trimming

Our team has the experience to trim your shrubs so that they are aesthetically pleasing to your surroundings and the eye.

Pruning can be done on trees in the fall, winter and early spring for the best results.

Yard Cleanup Services:

  • Blackberry Vines
  • Overgrown Brush & Bushes
  • Overgrown Grass & Fields
  • Abatement
  • Junk & Debris


Whether you have received a citation to remove overgrown grass or other high growth that might be a fire danger, our team at RR Lawn Care will quickly resolve the problem.

We are family owned and operated, serving the Medford area.