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Why Cedar Fence is So Popular
  • Cedar is resistant to decay and insects due to the natural oils help make this natural wood highly durable.
  • Price for cedar is one of your most affordable per linear foot.
  • Cedar fencing is beautiful, but should be treated to extend its life and to have the new wood look.
  • Cedar fencing normally lasts over 15 years untreated. Properly maintained cedar fencing can last over 40 years.

License # 52095

Providing Multiple Types of Fence


Wood Fencing

Cedar fencing gives your yard privacy with natural beauty. It also provides security for your family and pets. Give the professionals at RR Lawn Care & Fence a Call today!


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence is a great choice when you don’t want the maintenance that wood requires. It will last for years and is easy to keep clean with a hose.


Deer Fence

Keeping your garden or flowers safe from deer can be done with deer fence. This year before the deer eat all your vegetables and roses, get a deer fence built.

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