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Lawn Care Services

Are you looking for an honest, friendly and professional lawn care service in the Medford area, who is locally owned and operates their company right here in the Medford area?

A company that is among the best lawn care service companies in the area also. Then you should choose RR Lawn Care.

You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even a single lawn maintenance visit.

After you start your lawn care service program you will enjoy more time to do the things you enjoy, like golfing, walking, hiking, fishing, rafting, camping, hunting, shopping, wine tasting, crafting or more time with loved ones. Another thing is your lawn will benefit from the top-notched care it will get from RR Lawn Care.

While you are away on vacation having your lawn service done professionally will make it look as if you never left!

Relax RR Lawn Care is at Your Service

When RR Lawn Care leaves your property, you will be amazed that it is actually your yard… Complete care is taken at every home. The team at RR Lawn Care strives to make sure each and every one of their customers are pleased. After you hire RR Lawn Care, it is your time to enjoy those special things you like to do. You can also have the advantage of just relaxing all spring, summer, and fall in the yard. Call RR Lawn Care today for a FREE estimate.

  • Residential  & Commercial Mowing
  • Property Management Yard Care
  • Bark & Fertilization
  • Aeration & De-thatching
  • Field Mowing & Abatement
  • Yard & Leaf Cleanup 
  • Pruning, Snipping & Clipping
  • Edging & Weeding
  • Berry Bush Removal

RR Lawn Care specializes in everything from weekly lawn mowing for single-family homes, commercial property and home owners association properties. Choose a professional lawn service company with several years of experience in the Rogue Valley.

Keeping your beautiful yard or business looking its very best will always be RR Lawn Care’s top priority.

You will get a professionally maintained lawn when the team at RR Lawn Care is scheduled to maintain your lawn or your commercial property.

Always putting the needs of their clients above their own. Customer care designed for your peace of mind.

First impressions are always crucial for first impressions, and your lawn is the first thing approaching visitors or clients to get a view of. Always have your property looking its best with a maintenance program.

If you would like a beautifully maintained yard or commercial property for others to see upon arriving at your home or business, then don’t wait another minute more. Call the friendly professionals at RR Lawn Care.

Your lawn will love the extra special treatment it will get from the lawn experts at RR Lawn Care.

The Perfect Lawn Program


The best time to aerate your lawn is spring through early fall, this allows the ground to naturally fill in the areas of soil that was aerated.


The best time to dethatch your lawn is early spring or right before when the the ground is moist from the shorter days and your lawn is moist.


The best time to fertilize your lawn is February through April. Your yard should be watered a few days before you fertilize.

Bark Placement

Organically natural form of weed control and is very effective. Bark mulch decomposes slowly and actually helps the soil.

Yard Cleanup

The best time to do yard cleanup is really anytime, but during the summer months when yards are in full bloom it might be hard to schedule.


Trimming and pruning services are also available. Our team has years of experience. Call or text to schedule an estimate today.

The Perfect Grass Seed for the Rogue Valley

We would probably choose Bermuda Grass. With several varieties of Bermuda Grass that are common in the Northwest. It is a low-maintenance grass that grows well in the harsh heat conditions of Medford’s summers. This is also a sturdy grass that is used at parks for its tolerance to the high foot traffic that parks get.

  • Bermuda Grass is also resistant to many common lawn diseases.
  • Bermuda Grass is drought tolerant.
  • Bermuda Grass color is dark blue-green.
  • Proper watering and fertilizer application will keep the weeds at bay.

You should water Bermuda Grass about three times a week during warm weather, mainly determined on soil type and once or twice a week in cooler weather months to maintain a strong root system.


Bermuda Grass prefers an all-purpose fertilizer about every 6 weeks during the summer months. When your grass starts turning light in color, if you want that darker color, add some fertilization.


RR Lawn Care recommends mowing once a week from April through November. It is best to keep the blades around two inches long and to cut it often to keep the grass healthy. In the cold months of December through March maintaining the lawn by removing leaves and extended periods of deep snow will help the next growing season of April through November.